Case Study in Positive Impulses

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If you remember in one of my earlier blogs: “Impulse or Instinct” I happened to mention a life long time friend of mine that happens to be a lucky son of a bitch. That’s just one way to look at it. Does he just stumble into a great life choice or has he set himself up for impulsive decisions to come out for the good.

You see my friend’s back was up against the wall at one point in his life. From that to now the proud owner of . So how did he get from point A to point B. A series of impulsive decisions lead to an incredible turn around. You have to look at the human mind as a never ending search for pleasure. In this case my friend had leaned way to far into the pain category.

You see my readers, in most cases the experience in pain for long period of time propells us into the opposite direction. Sometimes just the movement away from pain can get us to where we want to be.

In my friends case, on a whim studied HVAC, not by choice but by chance. He loved the backward braintwisting concepts of AC.

Anyways he went from this to financial windfall to proud owner in a matter of a year and a half realizing his pain and moving away from it toward a whimsical goal is all it took.

Most people cannot plan out their lives no matter how hard they try. So no matter how impulsive some things might seem, sometimes its the movement away from the darker side of ourselves to something simply productive. That is what makes the difference.

A Study in Positive Impulse
There comes a time when we all reflect on the decisions we have made throughout our lives.
For the sake of this particular article I want to share with you the concept that all impulses don’t have to be irrational. They don’t have to be considered a character flaw.┬áThere isn’t a human on earth that has passed through this life unscathed by the inner force of an impulse reeking havoc in our life.

I would be less than thorough if I didn’t provide at least one example of how seemingly impulsiveness lead to great success. Since I seem to gravitate to the happier side of life I certainly have an “impulse” to speak on this matter.

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