Impulse or Instinct, Does it Really Matter

impulse Instinct
Your good impulse or your bad.. Jump for joy or a jump off a cliff?

Impulse or Instinct
We all have the sudden rush of irrational thought from time to time. The question I pose to you is this so called impulse always the wrong choice.

There are plenty examples in all of our lives when an impulse turns out for the good.
You always hear the stories of the man that on a whim walked up to the girl at the bus stop and generated the nerve to speak to the pretty girl. The impulse was uncontrollable.

We gravitate to pleasure and if the pleasure we seek is healthy can we now say that this can be put in the category of instinct. For the time being and the sake of argument lets keep this scenario in the state of impulse. We all know that humans are seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. Can we just state the plain fact that life being the crap shoot it is, are any of us really able to determine what is going to be a healthy choice or a choice that takes us down a path we never intended.

These impulse decision can be the one thing that keep us up at night or it might be the one thing that we become ever grateful for.

Now let us go a little deeper, is an impulse action in an otherwise healthy adult just a quick decision that disregards fear and pushes through to action. Could it be that our inner voice drives us to a place where we are supposed to be. If this is the case, why does impulse decisions get such a bad rep.

It all comes down to the owner of the decision wouldn’t you say. I will give you an example. Here are two examples of a impulse situation that could have just been put under the category of stupid decision and the same scenario for another individual that became in the end what could be considered a fine decision, even though a bit risky.

Stupid Instinct/ Stupid Impulse
A man down on his luck (Jim) had twiddled down his prospects of finding a good job because he played it safe for way too many years. Living in a state of fear he got to the point where his options were few and Jim’s money was low. His solution or his impulse was to correct it all in one full swoop and go to the casino with his last $1000.00. Can you guess what took place. LOSER.

Smart Instinct/ Smart Impulse
An actual friend of mine, saved his money, studied hard in his field HVAC. Researched for months about starting his own business. Well today he is the proud owner of heating and air business. More on him later, going to use business as a case study in other blogs. Such a great story to share.
To celebrate, and to put an exclamation point on all his hard work. He takes his wife to the casino, with just $250.00 (responsible amount for a new business owner I would say) Light hearted fun with no expectation turns into $25,375.00 windfall. Jackpot within an hour of their arrival.

Now I am not suggesting a person down on his luck could get the same result. But I am saying that we all know someone that makes their own luck on a consistent basis. The down on his luck fellow never acts on the healthy impulses enough to put himself in the position of winning. His odds are greatly diminished, not at the casino per se, but in life in general.

We are going to dive into more in depth examples in the post that follow to see where this all plays out. For today this is where we start. For sure this first post might produce more questions than answers… but that was kinda my point to start this all off. I’ll be referring to
not just as an authoritative source throughout these blogs but also to show you the many misconceptions people have concerning impulse and instinct.

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