Where will this all take us.

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A short explanation for where we can go with the topic of impulse is as varied as the facets of the human mind.

First let’s define impulse:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/impulse.
TV shows are made on the horrible consequences of impulses of the human mind. Simultaneously books are best sellers on the impulsive of the sexual nature of the human labido. This is one of those topics that just keep on giving. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Our job at www.theimpulsecard.com is to decipher the difference between decisions,impulse,instinct and or destructive behavior. See Impulse or Instinct blog

Never in the history of man have humans had to deal with such a laundry list of temptation. The end result is thousands upon thousands of stimuli coming at us every day to trigger our impulse.

Advertisers have invested billions into the study of triggers. Preying on our inner compass to get us to act. In the next blog I am going to revisit a case study of my friend, the business owner that for whatever reason has a uncanny knack of making impulse look like magic.

For now, I’m so very happy you are going though this journey with me.

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