Ever since the dawn of time every living creature has had to adapt to the ever changing world around them. Every living creature had to decide sometimes in a split second what action they should take. Sometimes the unfortunate one guessed wrong and paid dearly with their life. Fast forward to today with modern man. The choices and impulse decisions we make make are no different than they were thousands of years ago. They are basically the same just in different surroundings and environments. The rewards and losses are and can be the same.

Live to your full potential

Everybody strives or wants to strive to be their best. The people who don’t are usually the ones who hurt others, steal, and end up in jail for serious crimes. There are also ones who settle for less in their life and end up in poor relationships that stagnate and die. They end up hurting each other again and again with no positive end in site. You can’t let present or past abuse rule your life. I have held the same landscaping guy for the past ten years and let me tell you if you heard his story of growing up with an abusive father and a neglectful mother it would make you cry. He has turned all that negative into a positive with the right decisions he’s made in life. He now owns a successful lawn care business.

Healthy choices and the aftermath

So where do we go from here? What does your instinct tell you? Are you happy or are you sad? If you are overweight and see a big slice of chocolate pie in front of you do you reach for it and devour it or is the control of your impulses developed enough to resist that strong urge. You see it takes constant practice and the development of one’s will power to make healthy choices. Sure it feels good to devour the pie but, what about afterward? It makes you feel guilty and sick doesn’t it? It’s the same with sexual addictions, alcohol or gambling. When you resist the quick impulse you end up in the long run in a better, healthy state of mind. So the lesson for this week is resist training. Resist the urge. Thank you for stopping by and come back later to look at some other exercises we can do to become a better you.

Happy impulse blog3Case Study

If you remember in one of my earlier blogs: “Impulse or Instinct” I happened to mention a life long time friend of mine that happens to be a lucky son of a bitch. That’s just one way to look at it. Does he just stumble into a great life choice or has he set himself up for impulsive decisions to come out for the good.

You see my friend’s back was up against the wall at one point in his life. From that to now the proud owner of www.hooverheatandair.com . So how did he get from point A to point B. A series of impulsive decisions lead to an incredible turn around. You have to look at the human mind as a never ending search for pleasure. In this case my friend had leaned way to far into the pain category.

You see my readers, in most cases the experience in pain for long period of time propells us into the opposite direction. Sometimes just the movement away from pain can get us to where we want to be.

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impulse blog2

A short explanation for where we can go with the topic of impulse is as varied as the facets of the human mind.

First let’s define impulse:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/impulse.
TV shows are made on the horrible consequences of impulses of the human mind. Simultaneously books are best sellers on the impulsive of the sexual nature of the human labido. This is one of those topics that just keep on giving. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Our job at www.theimpulsecard.com is to decipher the difference between decisions,impulse,instinct and or destructive behavior. See Impulse or Instinct blog

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impulse Instinct
Your good impulse or your bad.. Jump for joy or a jump off a cliff?

Impulse or Instinct
We all have the sudden rush of irrational thought from time to time. The question I pose to you is this so called impulse always the wrong choice.

There are plenty examples in all of our lives when an impulse turns out for the good.
You always hear the stories of the man that on a whim walked up to the girl at the bus stop and generated the nerve to speak to the pretty girl. The impulse was uncontrollable.

We gravitate to pleasure and if the pleasure we seek is healthy can we now say that this can be put in the category of instinct. For the time being and the sake of argument lets keep this scenario in the state of impulse. We all know that humans are seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. Can we just state the plain fact that life being the crap shoot it is, are any of us really able to determine what is going to be a healthy choice or a choice that takes us down a path we never intended.

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